The Best Super Bowl Betting Sites in 2023

By Julia Abrams

Updated Nov 25, 2023

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We are on a quest to provide the ultimate betting experience for football enthusiasts. To achieve this, our team has scoured the realm to identify the best Super Bowl Betting Canada sites. Putting ourselves in our readers’ shoes, we created accounts on these sportsbooks. We then took advantage of enticing promotional offers, including welcome bonuses and risk-free bets. Through extensive testing, we assessed crucial elements such as security, user-friendly navigation, and favourable odds. The sportsbook options have surpassed our stringent criteria, ensuring an unforgettable wagering journey.

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💰 Placing Bets on the Super Bowl

Super Bowl online betting is the same for any sports betting event. To get started, bettors need to follow these simple steps;

  1. Find a reliable and secure Super Bowl betting platform.
  2. Create your account and fund your bankroll.
  3. Claim any new user bonuses or free Super Bowl bet promotions.
  4. Head to their NFL game section.
  5. Look through all available Super Bowl options in the sportsbook.
  6. Place your bet on your preferred option.
  7. Wait for your winnings to come in.
  8. Claim your winnings using your preferred withdrawal method.

🤷 What Types of Super Bowl Bets Can I Make?

Football betting doesn’t get more significant than the Super Bowl! Fans can enjoy various stakes offered by bookmakers on top online sportsbooks. They get an incredible number of betting opportunities for this top-tier sporting game. Depending on the online sportsbook you opt for, you can bet differently on the Super Bowl. These options accumulate to create tons of opportunities to bet on.

Here are some common bets you will find.

  1. Super Bowl Futures: These Super Bowl betting games allow you to predict various outcomes or features of the match several months before it is set. You can place bets on squads that would be paired, the winner of the match, or the victor of the NFC/AFC tournament.
  2. Super Bowl Game Bets: A standard collection of Super Bowl stakes is available to gamblers once all groups and matches have been announced. The most common are money lines, totals, spreads, and teasers.
  3. In-Play Super Bowl Wagers: This is a bet on in-play actions; they are also called live betting opportunities. They include predictions, such as what team will score the next goal or have the next turnover. There are also unconventional bets on celebrity appearances and beer sponsorships.

🏈 Super Bowl Prop Bets

Entertainment props are the largest betting collection in the Super Bowl gambling scene. This wager draws attention of casual supporters looking to have some betting fun. They are termed entertainment because they do not have much involvement with the actual gameplay.

This large category includes different Super Bowl betting options, and some common ones are;

Coin Toss

This collection of betting types involves outcomes tied to the flip. There are about four of these types of bets. They involve simple bets like the winning team or whether it would land heads or tails.


You can place bets on the game’s broadcaster. Super Bowl odds are available for the words he says and the number of times you may repeat certain words. You can place a wager on the first person to be named!

Half-time Show

Soper Bowl half-time show is a big mini-event. Gamblers can place stakes on the artists’ performance. Some of the best Super Bowl bets are on the first song, the colour of the artist’s outfit, and the time allocated for the performance.


This range of Super Bowl betting odds transcends the game and is a favourite of all-rounder sports fans. It combines activities in multiple sporting events and compares them. Bettors can be inclined to place stakes on bets, such as whether the score in a Super Bowl match will be the same as in an NFL match.

Super Bowl Most Valuable Person

This is a bet on the Most Valuable Person award recipient. It can be bestowed on anyone, including quarterbacks, wide receivers, key defensive players, running backs, and other factions, even gamblers. A panel of 16 NFL experts selects an awardee, and you can bet on Super Bowl MVP top options and get great betting odds.

First Touchdown

This is incredibly popular among gamblers. This bet is on different variables surrounding the match’s first touchdown. You can bet on varieties, including touchdown scorer, team, and what point during the game when it was scored. Anyone, including players in lower ranks, can be picked; these low-level players also provide the biggest payouts compared to these high-level ones.

National Anthem Props

This bet is similar to half-time show props. It involves activities regarding the pre-game anthem performance. This often includes the performance’s duration and the performer’s outfit’s colour. It can include more outrageous stakes like omitting a word or the colour of the artist’s nail polish. It can be anything!

♻️ Rules for Super Bowl Staking

Some certain rules and regulations govern betting on Super Bowl in Canada. Bettors must follow these rules before they can place bets on available options. For starters, there are age requirements for betting which differ across jurisdictions. Every province can set their own rules, so you must check that you follow all rules depending on where you are betting. One thing is constant across all provinces: personnel affiliated with groups and leagues cannot bet on their sports.

🥇 NFL Teams with the Most Super Bowl Appearances

Super Bowl boasts the most exciting football gameplay, and fans are excited to watch their favourites become champions. However, not all squads make it to Super Bowl tournaments. You may wonder what squads have appeared most, as this can tell squads that many potentially show up in the following season. At least ten teams have appeared up to five times, while four are still struggling for their first Super Bowl appearance.

Below is a table that shows how these National Football League squads have fared.

NFL Team Records
Team Total Appearances Record (Wins – Losses)
New England Patriots 11 6-5
Pittsburgh Steelers 8 6-2
Dallas Cowboys 8 5-3
Denver Broncos 8 3-5
San Francisco 49ers 7 5-2
Green Bay Packers 5 4-1
New York Giants 5 4-1
Washington Commanders 5 3-2
Las Vegas Raiders 5 3-2
Miami Dolphins 5 2-3
Los Angeles Rams 5 2-3
Indianapolis Colts 4 2-2
Minnesota Vikings 4 0-4
Buffalo Bills 4 0-4
Kansas City Chiefs 4 2-2

♟️ Betting Strategy for the NFL Super Bowl

You should have a set game plan before placing wagers on the Super Bowl. This online Super Bowl betting plan would help you maintain your budget and make smart moves. First, you must determine your budget – the amount of your bankroll you wish to spend. Your budget is an amount you can afford to lose.

Next, determine how to split your budget. While spending the entire amount on one betting market is easy, a common betting strategy for the Super Bowl involves splitting your budget across multiple options. This increases your winning chances, giving you more wins. A game plan is essential to gambling success, as it would help you enjoy the process and bet online responsibly.

Finally, you should determine the types of bets most suited to you. Here are a few steps to help you find these bets;

  1. Monitor trends from previous events and seasons to check common opponents.
  2. Follow the news on squads and key players, which can affect their gameplay.
  3. Stay glued to the odds on the sportsbook to note line movements.
  4. Don’t monitor everything; stick to only a few props.
  5. Have a list of foremost candidates with the potential to win the MVP award and monitor them.
  6. Follow a set plan to stay out of sticky situations.

👦 Super Bowl Live Betting

Live betting is a whole new genre. This form of Super Bowl betting allows fans to place bets while the game progresses. This means that the previously stated pre-game odds are updated as the gameplay unfolds. They can increase or reduce based on events that occur during gameplay.

Legal online sportsbooks usually provide these games, including a new range of props to be considered. Super Bowl markets tend to revolve around activities as they happen, including even betting. Betting on these props means that you must be actively involved in viewing the match, as the odds change rapidly. This would prevent you from getting swept up in the excitement of this fast-changing landscape. Available options include over/under, half-time score, and half-time lead. You may also find options like the team to lead the first quarter, whether both teams would score, and more.

📱 Super Bowl Gambling Apps

Most gamblers prefer to place bets on the go because of their convenience. Using this option, they can enjoy the odds on the Super Bowl game, whenever and wherever. Most betting sites in Canada provide this service for those using smartphones, whether Android, iPhone, tablets, or iPads. You would only need an internet connection to access these applications.

When looking for the finest apps, you should check for functionality and speed, as not all apps offer convenience. Some sportsbook apps have lags, slowing your progress and potentially affecting your odds, so you should avoid them. Another thing to look for is the availability of markets and odds. Some apps are restricting and provide only some features, markets, and odds you would get on their desktop version. For the best gaming experience, you should bet on a mobile app with enough opportunities to get the best odds.

We have scoured the internet to find superb apps for your Super Bowl staking. All sportsbook platforms listed below match all of our requirements. They offer a good selection of Super Bowl promos and bonuses for both new and existing users. Some foremost options include;

  • TonyBet.
  • Casumo
  • LeoVegas Sports.
  • Royal Panda Sports.

🌌 Conclusion

We have uncovered top-tier Super Bowl sportsbooks, ensuring your experience is extraordinary. Our dedicated team has left no stone unturned in their pursuit of excellence. Our journey extended beyond the surface, exploring many strategies, betting markets, and prop bets. Whether you prefer classic options or crave the excitement of unique and exotic prop stakes, these top-rated sportsbook platforms offer diverse choices to satisfy every betting style and preference.

Our curated selection allows you to confidently navigate the Super Bowl landscape with invaluable insights and strategies. Possibilities are endless, from spread betting to over/under predictions and player performance props to half-time show stakes. So, prepare to elevate your Super Bowl experience to unparalleled heights. Engage in thrilling action, employ expert strategies, and embrace the thrill of betting on props. The stage is set for you to savour every moment of this monumental game while reaping rewards for your well-informed decisions.


1️⃣ Can you bet on the Super Bowl with mobile?

Yes, most online sportsbooks are available on mobile and can be accessed for betting on Super Bowl events. You can use any mobile device, whether Android or iPhone, to sign in to your account on your preferred sportsbook and easily place your stakes.

2️⃣ What is the duration of the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl lasts about 4 hours; 3 hours for the main gameplay and 30 minutes for the exciting half-time show. This is just an average, as this duration can change based on gameplay and varying factors.

3️⃣ Can Canadians bet legally on the Super Bowl?

Yes, betting on the Super Bowl is legal. Canadians must meet all requirements, including an age limit, depending on the specific province. However, it is typically 18 years. You should also ensure you place stakes at a reputable and safe sportsbook licensed to provide markets online in Canada.

4️⃣ Can I use Bitcoin to make Super Bowl stakes?

Betting with cryptocurrency has become common among Canadian gamblers. Some top sportsbooks now accept Bitcoin for depositing and withdrawing. If you prefer this option for its speed and transparency, check for its availability before creating an account.

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